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Contact Harmony Acres CampgroundFor over 35 year I have owned this 100 acre parcel of hardwood  & cedar forests, wet lands, and meadows live with wildlife – a living library that I had the opportunity each summer season to share with campers and friends.  I knew from my extended travels outside of Canada that the beautiful Bruce Peninsula was a hidden gem on a global jewel of fresh water known as Georgian Bay.  For many seekers & travelers who came repeated times to haunt the nooks and crannies of the shoreline, they recognized the power behind the rugged beauty and secretly the region became known as the Shores of Heaven.  It was a destination to escape the woes of the world and find peace of mind and soul that only Nature can offer.

In 2014, ‘tourism in mass’ became aware of the two National Parks in the Tobermory area that were within a 4hr drive from southern Ontario.   This new traveller was an Icon seeker of landmarks such as the Grotto and Flowerpot Island leaving no room for the Lovers of Nature who understood the peace it holds.   The new traveler in our area fulfills a bucket list desire with a ‘selfie’ taken as a memento. They appeared unaware of the environmental damage that their footprint brings, hundreds of thousands of footprints, and the trash and feces left behind.   For the first time, in our slice of heaven, at Harmony Acres, we had to impose rules, then find regulations and finally fines to help mitigate the impact, the lack of respect for fellow campers and lack of understanding on the fragility of Nature.

I, my family, and staff, welcome all who come to spend time and embrace the natural element in our big backyard.  We encourage those who are genuinely interested to take the time to breathe deep the clear air, swim or soak your feet in the refreshing waters of Georgian Bay and feel the intuitive power of standing in the presence of a very Ancient coral reef.  You will be given the gift of what it means to be part of the living library silently in return.   My wish is that this new traveler in Nature who wants to be part of, will soon be able to understand what they see is way beyond that which is ‘captured’ through the lens of a camera.  We who live here and those who engage in Nature continuously know that we are Privileged to be given this experience and know that it is not a Right.

Laurie Adams

GPS to Bruce Peninsula – 6798 Hwy 6 north to Tobermory.

Look for these following roadside signs – Roxy’s Gas Station & Cabins, next is Cyprus Lake Road;   Dorcas Bay/Singing Sands Road, then it is Cameron Lake Road.  2 km north of Cameron Lake road on Hwy 6  is Harmony Acres on the right side. Look for our sign.

Hwy 6 is only 2 lanes. Please drive safely!  The ‘boys in blue’ are in full force and they will show you no mercy!  Respect the Rules of the Highway.


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